Maticmind announces collaboration with Hewlett Packard in Italy

MILAN, Italy, October 22, 2015 – Maticmind today announced that it will be working closely with Hewlett Packard to provide solutions and services to support its customers in their working environments. With more than 200 professionals and offices in Milan, Rome, Modena, Florence, Venice and Naples, Maticmind implements data centre, security and innovative telecommunication IT solutions for more than 600 clients in telecoms, healthcare, energy, finance, industry and local/central government.

“The acquisition of new skills and expertise is crucial for Maticmind, in order to be at the forefront of the evolution of IT solutions, whilst being increasingly focused on customized software and applications” said Luciano Zamuner, CEO of Maticmind “This collaboration with Hewlett Packard allows Maticmind to complete its professional services portfolio with new value added services and address new business opportunities.”

Maticmind will deliver services to Hewlett Packard customers while Hewlett Packard retains overall responsibility for the end-to-end service contract performance. Under the agreement, which has been consulted with Hewlett Packard’s works council and unions, 115 HP employees will transfer to Maticmind on October 15, 2015. This follows on from Maticmind’s investment in a Naples factory in Southern Italy.

“This move is part of a company-wide strategy to give Hewlett Packard the needed workforce to be a more nimble customer and partner-centric company” said Stefano Venturi, Corporate Vice President, Managing Director Hewlett Packard Group in Italy. “We have a solid plan to create innovation in Italy, and closer collaboration with our partner Maticmind will help us achieve this while supporting employment in Italy.”